The indomitable Yoko Ono released a remix LP earlier this year, Yes I'm A Witch Too. In the interest of keep things grooving, Ono has collaborated to release several remixes of her 1985 song, 'Hell In Paradise'.

The song, which has been renamed 'Hell In Paradise 2016,' is a time-warped blend of the original's 80s-tinged nihilism and a thoroughly modern club beat. The remixes will come from the likes of Alyson Calagna, DJ Kue and Grammy Award-winner Dave Audé, whose remix we've got below.

Rob Stevens, the co-Executive Producer of the remixes and the head of Mind Train, the label that will be distributing these songs, spoke highly of Ono's timeless ability to contribute to the pop lexicon.

"Ono's prescience, her ability to see decades into the future, is stunning," he said. "She then welcomes Grammy-winning and internationally renowned remixers to take her lyrics and vocals and turn them into thrilling contemporary works."

Check out Dave Audé's 'Hell In Paradise 2016' remix below.