Age in the music industry is incrementally deceptive. Without a fully-scoped image of an artist, often like the case of Yorkshire-native Billie Marten, it's hard to tell if someone's been in the industry for a short time or decades. Marten, at age 16, effectively builds beyond her youth with positively powerful work, which includes the brand new single and video for 'Milk & Honey'.

The lush folk of the single is filtered with subtle horn arrangements, lifting Marten's fluttering vocal style. Visually, the rich music is captured by Japanese garden imagery, meant to capture what appears to be older styles of the feudal-era. The collusion between the two is somewhat unclear, but maybe it's just two beautiful things.

Watch 'Milk & Honey' below. Marten's debut album is expected sometime later this year via RCA in the UK and Columbia in the U.S.