It's happened: QT Energy Elixir is not an imaginary drink, it's real as real can be – another PC Music fantasy made into reality. QT (now we can say that stands for Quinn Thomas) released a video for 'Hey QT' not long ago that showed her synthesising this miracle energy drink.

I suppose becuase it's Limited Edition, Very Rare Merchandise, or whatever, a can of QT Energy Elixir simply has to cost something like $20 per can. I wonder why they didn't choose to advertising the price in pound sterling. American fanbase? It's the international currency?

Call it whatever you want — you can buy it here. It also comes with some special edition packaging, a signed photo (of whom?), and a custom greeting from QT. The whole thing, though it is merchandise in essence, feels very much like a simultaneous celebration and satirisation of consumerism. QT was literally making this drink in a music video – now you can buy it; PC Music are drip-feeding you slices of their fabricated reality bit by bit.

A blurb on the shop site describes the so-called Energy Elixir thusly:

"DrinkQT is a 5-calorie, sugar-free, 250ml drink, manufactured to contribute to upward shine, vertical connectivity and personal growth.

DrinkQT is an energy elixir empowering consumers to supercharge their senses and elevate their consciousness."