If you somehow didn't get your fill of 'Empire State of Mind' sometime during 2009 or 2010 you can now buy the very apartment Jay Z name drops in The Blueprint 3 track-turned mega single for the low low price of $870,000. Well, an apartment near to it at least, no one really knows what number Hova called home. But we do know he was cooking something there (it wasn't cake). The property's website listing unsurprisingly fails to mention that you would basically be buying a repurposed Brooklyn crack den.

Alternatively, if the asking price for this little piece of modern Rap history is a bit too much for you, you can go and creepily stand outside it at 560 State Street, New York City, New York. Or just take a virtual tour here, which for some reason is scored by light piano score that would probably sound nice if Alicia Keys laid a hook on it. It looks pretty lavish for a crack den, having apparently been brought up to Jay Z's high modern standards of class

It last sold in 2005 for $598,019, so here's some advice for you people out there on the property ladder, if you can write and shoehorn your address into a hit song, you can add an easy $270,000 to your houses' value. Serious buyers are invited to an open house event on February 2nd at 1-3pm. Or you could just buy the song from iTunes for 99p, or recite it in your head from memory like most people with a working set of ears can.