Well done everyone, even Pharrell is sick of hearing about his goddamn hat, and he's putting an end to this wearable bane on his existence for good. Judging from the look he gave James Corden when he asked him about it at the Brits, he probably wants to burn and bury it out in the desert, but Pharrell's a nice guy, and is trying to salvage some good from this nightmare by sticking it on eBay for charity.

The hat's a Vivienne Westwood, and was likely worth a shit ton of money before it got its hot date to the Grammys, so now it's almost guaranteed to make a nice chunk of change for the singer/producers One Hand To Another foundation. It's already sitting at $10,500, and with nine days of bidding left you can expect that to go up dramatically. But hey, the shipping is free. Check it out here.

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