SoundShroud has saved the day. Thanks to the free Google Chrome extension, you now have the option to hide those annoying and feed-strangling reposts from your SoundCloud home feed with the click of a button. Following yesterday's SoundCloud and Universal Music Group licensing deal, this is news that we can work with.

"I created it because I was tired of seeing reposts over and over again in my feed," extension-creator Eric says.

"From artists trying to bump their tracks to the top of Streams multiple times per day, or playing grab-ass and cross-promoting each other. Instead of having to unfollow, or just deal with missing out on tracks that are getting totally buried under reposts, I needed a happy medium to keep SoundCloud being a place I can find new music I love. I added the Permahide feature for the worst offenders (people reposting their track repeatedly over any amount of time). And I made it automatically remove promoted content because ads are annoying, but at any rate there’s no valid reason companies like Goldman Sachs should have a SoundCloud. I mean, come on." Tell em, Eric.