On February 26th, School of Seven Bells will deliver their highly-anticipated final album SVIIB, which features music recorded by late band member Benjamin Curtis before his death.

In a feature of the band, we stated that "SVIIB is undoubtedly the pair's most opulent record, regardless of the shadow that was cast over its creation. Alejandra Deheza wrote its lyrics in reference to their enduring creative and romantic relationship. The songs became a musical document of their time together - from the moment they met until the final song recorded. Sonically, the songs were more synth-driven than previous albums with a more pristine production in collaboration with Justin Meldal-Johnsen."

"Basically we wanted to write in a way which we hadn't before. That was the goal for every record but this time, in particular, we went in a different direction. Other people might think it sounds exactly like School of Seven Bells but it was a super different approach; musically, lyrically and rhythmically," Alejandra said.

SVIIB is out 2/26 via Vagrant. Read our interview with the School Of Seven Bells here.