Update: the shoes sold for $21,100. Good job Mac.

The king of jizz-jazz, Mac DeMarco announced on Sunday night that he is selling his worn-out red vans on eBay.

In the announcement on Facebook, he specifies the money will be donated to the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in Brooklyn, a non-profit music-mentoring and empowerment program for girls aged 8-18. We knew there was a Joan Jett in him.

The size 10 (US) shoes have crossed the 20,000 dollar mark already, and following 163 bids, are at $20,077.78 (at time of posting). Luckily for those of us across the pond, the shipping is free.

If you're wondering how smelly they are, Mac made a video of his girlfriend doing a smell test in which she officially states "they're fine".

Mac's even taken the time to answer questions from browsers, and besides the weirdo questions, the shoe-sale is becoming somewhat of an 'Ask Aunty Mac':

Q: mac why are you such a goofball? 
A: I'm not that goofy, really.
Q: You got booty man, do you do squats? (In these shoes)
 A: I are a lot if philly cheese steaks in these shoes.
Q: how do I sell out?
 A: Start doing things you don't wanna do, bud.
Q: will you miss them?
 A: If you love something, you let it go.
Q: will you except human semen? 
A: Really don't think rock camp for girls 8 -18 need any semen.

Following a question where someone requested if they win for 'the girl' to doodle on the box, Mac confirmed whoever wins the shoes can make requests for the box.

The bidding ends on January 4th, so you've got a little bit of time to hustle 9 grand. And if you're worried you won't get them if you win, you shouldn't - Mac's eBay account has got 100% positive feedback.