Boy, there sure are a lot of you following us on Soundcloud. That makes us feel super fuzzy inside, so thanks (that's supposed to sound less sarcastic, but, y'know, sincerity is ambiguous online). In light of the growing presence over there, we felt it high time we had a bloody good rummage through all those who've clicked that big shiny 'follow' button.

It's a pretty random approach we're embarking upon. We're going to highlight five acts a week that are following us on Soundcloud who we think sound any combination of rad, neat or super-duper; there's no other criteria, so hop on over and hitch yer wagon. Is this a (not-so-)subtle ploy for more followers? Mayyybe (but not really). Regardless, we get to holler about great new music, so let's enter into this symbiosis, yeah?

In no particular order...


Welcome to San Diego's GUNAKADEIT - pronounced goo-naka-date, according to Indie Shuffle, who recently premiered her debut single 'South'. Taking her name from a legendary Tlingit (a North American indigenous people) sea monster, GUNAKADEIT propels forth a pop-folk "romance in dystopia", which onlookers have likened to everything from Kate Bush to tUnE-yArDs. Whether those are true in the long run remains to be seen, but the world-inspired melange of 'South' features a stunning voice that dithers between R&B, stadium pop, gloomy balladeering and shivering soprano. More please.

Daniel Wilson

First off, this is not the guy from Semisonic, that '90s midwest rock outfit famous for 'Closing Time' et al. This Daniel Wilson is from Detroit, and blends indie-rock minimalism with soulful vox; think Jungle toking on an opium pipe. His EP, Young Rubbish, recently dropped on Zap Records, premiering over on The Line Of Best Fit. It's a gorgeous, well-produced amalgam of melodic restraint, 4am desolation and soaring, heartfelt vocals. 'Will You' and 'Please Dream Again' are particularly magnificent.


Like The Lumineers? How about Of Monsters and Men? Well, if you're throwing up your hands and making lots of 'woo' noises, then chances are you'll lurve Copenhagen's Heimatt. They blend simply astonishing folk-rock with pure Scandi-pop; like a richer Sin Fang or more rambunctious Ásgeir, Heimatt lunge for pristine pastures. It's warm, hectic and uplifting, even though lead singer Magnus Grilstad doesn't sound dissimilar to a baritone orgy comprising Idlewild, Morrissey, The Whiskers, I Like Trains and The National - especially when, as he is wont to do, he croons about loss, death and mountains.

Paris Carney

With Tove Lo's current meteoric rise, it's not surprising to see spotlights drawn to revealing, brutally genuine pop. Paris Carney, who's not necessarily as spiky as Tove Lo - she's perhaps more geared towards Sia's immense, rafters-aiming belt-pop - still manages to strike a balance between ruthless honesty and glittering glamour. The LA popster describes herself as "if Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell had a baby raised by Andre 3000 + a laptop," which, frankly is probably way more accurate.


David Wigglesworth, half of DA_ED Creative (who've done things for Strongbow and Moon Cup), lives an alter-ego on his commute. Creating noises under the alias of HXCXO, he forges chiptune bleep-bloops with bedroom production, experimental electronica and glitchy-pop. Apparently a former hardcore musician - the loud screamy kind, not the loud ravey kind - he had to "settle for making electronic tunes on his billy since becoming a working man."