There sure are a lot of you following us on Soundcloud. That makes us feel super fuzzy inside, so thanks (that's supposed to sound less sarcastic, but, y'know, sincerity is ambiguous online). In light of the growing presence over there, we felt it high time we had a bloody good rummage through all those who've clicked that big shiny 'follow' button.

It's a pretty random approach we're embarking upon. We're going to highlight five acts a week that are following us on Soundcloud who we think sound any combination of rad, neat or super-duper.


LA's SEO-phobic TUCH are a tad elusive at this juncture. Nigh-unGoogleable, they've only got one track available on their Soundcloud profile – titled 'Unlock', it makes it especially difficult to search for without getting results for iPhone entry issues and keycode alternatives. The track itself is a sultry-smooth bout of neo-R&B, not unlike The Weeknd, Raleigh Ritchie or Ang Low.


There's a strange, otherworldly vibe penetrating the mist and gullet-clogging smog within 'YDLTF**K' by London's FORDE. Channelling the sexual animosity of Nine Inch Nails, Godsmack's 'Voodoo' and all-manner of trip-hop acts, it's a heady, bass-heavy roulade. Smothered in fuzzy guitar jabs and snake-slither percussion, the minimal cut oozes red-light district litheness. It's soulful, electronic rock, and it's got filthy things on its mind.


Violinist for London-based act The Irrepressibles, Apollo already has some heavyweight credentials to back up his solo jaunt. There's fleeting comparisons to Patrick Wolf – primarily due to the grandiose chamber-pop – in Apollo's solitary material. It's enormous, hook-laden baroque pop; there's immense heart filling up the gaps between melody and beat. 'Blue Lips' is especially fantastic: it's gorgeous, and the big power-ballad motifs and symphonic backing makes for a delightfully overblown slab of noise. Apollo skates a fine line between Muse's pomp and the introspection of Robyn, all the while propelling forth a finespun modern fairytale OST. He does a mean cover too – Miley Cyrus, Lorde and Kate Bush all get the Apollo treatment.


Devilishly sloppy fuzz-rock/post-grunge seeps from the seams of the new EP from London's Feature. Culture Of The Copy pieces together the grazed-elbow rawness of their DIY methods and a fleeting pop twang, á la PINS or Tweens. It's bolshy rock-pop, frothy-sweet like a rabid unicorn and packs a wallop. They went down a right treat at this year's Great Escape, and the band's Jen Calleja has also penned a great piece on modern 'riot grrrl', genre classification and gender in music, which you can read here.


Californian chums Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing have formed Yesway, using it as a mouthpiece for their gorgeous harmonic cohesion and sorta-but-not-quite folky strumming. They were originally based in the Bay Area, but now “the two inhabit sleepy beach towns on the coast north of San Francisco, soaking up the beauty and drawing inspiration directly from their surroundings.” This inspiration manifests itself in pastoral serenity and avante-garde experiments (especially with rhythm and time signature). There's a hint of pre-Shriek Wye Oak to be found, but it's probably best to discern their sound from their upcoming debut album, titled Yesway, and released this June.