There sure are a lot of you following us on Soundcloud. That makes us feel super fuzzy inside, so thanks (that's supposed to sound less sarcastic, but, y'know, sincerity is ambiguous online). In light of the growing presence over there, we felt it high time we had a bloody good rummage through all those who've clicked that big shiny 'follow' button.

It's a scattered method, that's for sure, but regardless, we're going to highlight five acts a week that are following us on Soundcloud who we think sound any combination of rad, neat or super-duper.

Bad Grammar

"Riffy pop duo" Bad Grammar - not to be confused in any way with London Grammar, or Kelsey Grammer - are bringing the art of shredding back to the forefront of modern rock. Huge metal licks and gruff fretwork punctuate slapdash drum thrashing and the buzzsaw gullet of Ben Forrester. Hailing from the wastes of Manchester, the pair (completed by Lucy Brown) take the current trend of pun-tastic monikers - Joanna Gruesome, Radstewart, Pool Cosby etc. - to new heights, with tracks like 'Ace Adventura' and 'Miley Serious'. Think The Joy Formidable drowning in cement.

Tone White

Leeds' Tone White, looking fantastically sour/beardy in the solitary press shot (where he resembles a Vaudevillian John Grant), apes Scandi-pop big-hitters like Robyn or Icona Pop with his 'alt-pop' melange. 'Calibrate My Heart', swaddled in echoes and throbbing with indie-house sensibilities, writhes in hook lagoons. It's huge, dancefloor-lithe club-pop; White's voice has an alt-J twang, but his slinking, slithery whir backdrop is more Portishead on steroids than jangly pop. There's not been much from White yet, but what we've got is mighty promisin'.


There's been a hive of activity on the Soundcloud account of Mirza P. Wardhana, AKA M V R Z. Three tracks posted in just over two weeks is pretty impressive - especially considering the calibre. Floating in the void between electronica, chill + vaporwave, pop and hip-hop, the Indonesian producer carves a distinctly fascinating timbre on tracks like 'Rainy Day In Karimata' and the 'I'm Broken Hearted Snippet'. Utilising folk elements, like faint guitar and woodwind flourishes, and titbits from '80s Muzak, Wardhana proffers brief, but genuinely exciting, music.

Slaughter Beach

Denmark's fizzing, fuzzy indie-rock upstarts Slaughter Beach are primed for summer escapades. There's oodles of charm and reverb draped over cuts like 'Spinning Globe', and where Swim Deep last year enamoured us with the mesmerising 'King City', Slaughter Beach are set to do the same. Expect big heart, big choruses and big, rousing singalong moments.


Based in Philadelphia, MAMBISA - real name Jess Jones - experiments with a sprawling range of sounds. Among other things, Jones describes her sound as "bricoleur du bass tropicadelique, fabrica de beats fantasticos", which Google is super helpful at translating, but she essential combines tropical, folk, pop, bedroom production, electronica and dance. It's brilliantly in-depth experimental dance, and fans of Camilla Sparksss, No Bra or Krista Papista will probably have a riot with MAMBISA.