If you manage to rake up the funds to purchase the new Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin from a digital auctionhouse, then consider yourself lucky - the rest of us won't be able to hear it for another 88 years. Seriously.

The auction page is up now on Paddle8 and it has a bunch of details about the record and what all you'll be buying if you do decide to purchase it. Essays, artwork, a conversation between RZA and Cilvaringz, and of course music will all be included. RZA said that “When I think of who will come to own Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, I want them to recognize the historical value of what they’re collecting". He added that “I’m not one for hoping as a rule, but I really hope its guardian is the kind of person who finds appreciation and value in every artistic expression. Because this work was made to be appreciated.”

The 88-year copyright is there to protect the record from commercial proliferation. While he's aware that someone purchasing the record and just throwing it on the internet for free for the hell of it is “possibility,” he doesn't think it will happen because it'll be such an expensive purchase from whoever decides to do so. He also talked about how it may be their last album ever, saying “it feels almost certain that Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be the final Wu-Tang Clan album.”

So, all of that being said - who's down to start a Kickstarter so we can all have the last Wu-Tang album?