Denver two-piece Young Coyotes aren't one of these pairings that layer and layer and layer different parts to make it sound like there's an appropriate amount of members and then fail to be able to reproduce it. No, Young Coyotes just need a guitar, a drum kit and two vocals. That doesn't mean their EP Exhale sounds thin and flimsy- it's harmony filled DIY goodness. Exhale is the second part of a two EP collection and is that sort of indie only American bands can do, it's all very Brooklyn and is brilliantly simple. The drums take on a bigger importance because of it, A Thousands Masks would be ordinary but for the impetus of the drums' constantly changing pace and direction and backing vocals dropping in and out from the distance that make you feel like you're watching in some downbeat bar. In My House sets the moody tone, the reverb tinged guitar sits loosely beneath the crooning cries of “What is this love/in my house/it can't be real” but it's a good moody, a sort of soft and easy moodiness. Splitting Prisms slowly punches itself to a soft but pounding close, centrepiece The Sun Continues To Reach Me is the most vocally expansive and drifts around different avenues before finding a sullen end. Young Coyotes won't be making big inroads across here or in America, and they probably don't expect to, but the vintage feel means that when you like it, you grow to love it instead. If it's simple American downbeat indie you're after, you could do a lot worse than Young Coyotes. 7.5/10