Young Dreams have released a brand new single titled 'Dream Alone, Wake Together'. Their music has both The Beach Boys and Fleet Foxes vibes, but with a touch of classical symphonic music, psychedelic rock, tropicália and pop, resulting in something really unique. I believe their music is the perfect sound for the upcoming summer. I'm really looking forward to spending lazy summer days accompanied with a cold beer and some Young Dreams.

The Norwegian 'supergroup collective' started up in 2009. It all began when a regular (Matias Tellez) at the bar Vamoose in Bergen played some of the music he had been working on lately. Other guests and musicians at the bar really liked it, and wanted in. The music spread and suddenly the band consisted of no less than 12 young musicians! Full of young dreams and musical ideas, they began working on their debut album.

Recently featured as 'new band of today' in The Guradian, Young Dreams are getting more and more attention abroad with their feel-good and symphonic music. When they play live, the number of members on stage varies from nine to twelve, and still with that huge mass of people and instruments on stage, they manage to be structured and convey their music perfectly.

'Ignore mortality, Let's take the next bus to anywhere'. Oh! Yes! I'm in on that.

Check out their previously featured music video here.