Dreamy electro-pop Canadians Young Galaxy are set to release their fourth album, Ultramarine, on April 23rd through Paper Bag Records. It's the first album the five piece have made together, and, with the help of producer Dan Lissvik, have swopped Montreal for a recording studio in Sweden.

After toiling over a slight yet apparent modification of material, the ten track LP retains their characteristic, light-hearted, shimmering melodies, only this time, there's a darker sense of longing and purpose, a deep-rooted feeling of something profound throughout. The tracklist is as follows:

  • 1. Pretty Boy
  • 2. Fall For You
  • 3. New Summer
  • 4. Fever
  • 5. Hard To Tell
  • 6. What We Want
  • 7. Out the Gate Backwards
  • 8. In Fire
  • 9. Privileged Poor
  • 10. Sleepwalk With Me

And if you just can't wait for April, they’ve even made a little album teaser – check it out here: