Throughout their new song 'Body', Young Galaxy continually ask "do you still want me?" and if this outstanding track is anything to go off of, the answer is a resounding absolutely. It's our first taste of the Montreal band's forthcoming album Falsework, their follow-up to 2013's Ultramarine, and it was produced by Dan Lissvik, who they worked with on both of their previous albums. 'Body' is a sprawling dance track that reaches almost 6 minutes in length, but never falls flat with its intentions to get you in a cheerful state of mind with its bouncy, dancefloor-ready synths. Stream it below, and check out Falsework's tracklist after that - the album drops on 30 October.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01 “Wear Out The Ground”
  • 02 “The Night Wants Us To Be Free”
  • 03 “Factory Flaws”
  • 04 “Body”
  • 05 “Ready To Shine”
  • 06 “Must Be Love”
  • 07 “We’re No Good”
  • 08 “Little Wave”
  • 09 “Lean Into My Love”
  • 10 “Pressure”

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