Things have gone somewhat awry in the world of ol' Young Montana? recently; the UK-producer has not released much in the way of music this year after 2011's lovely LP Limerence, which may or may not be related to an industry-related feud - see here for a juicy old screengrab. See this recent post on his tumblr, that draws a line under the situation, for more details.

Thankfully Jon Pritchard (the real name) can now let the music do the talking with the release of brand new instrumental track 'New Blood' - and much like the zen-like acceptance and break-with-the-past mentality of his post, 'New Blood' oozes a tranquil sun-kissed vibe, heavy on the psych-beats and luscious warmed-up, warped-through tones. The kind of track you'd be happy to dive into and never leave.

Good to have you back Young Montana?