This breed of futuristic R&B, Mario Galaxy-sound-effect-inflected hip-hop is something that's hugely big right now - and for good reason: it sounds lovely pretty much every time. One such artist that's getting on board with this widely spacey style at the moment is young New Zealand-via-Zimbabwe artist, Young Tapz. Real name Tapiwa Mutingwende, he lends a short, passionate rap to his most recent track, 'End Of Time', produced with effortless smoothness by Utah-based track-maker Tajan.

Beginning with reverbing clicks and soft, intergalactic synth, the track samples Justin Timberlake's vocals from 'Until The End Of Time', which seem to echo off into a distant backdrop of heart-shaped nebulae and flickering star clusters. The beat approaches you with all its rolling hi-hat goodness, oscillating between cymbal-supported snares and groups of bouncy kick, underpinning it all with a glossy surge of sub-bass. Young Tapz urges his listeners: "express yourself," admitting "I haven't seen it all but I've seen myself and my reflection said that I'm still me." It's a short-and-sweet combination of inspiration and romance that leads up to a devastatingly MIDI-sounding twin guitar solo till the song fades out - a sentiment that everyone can get on board with.

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