Sometimes, a good slice of indie rock is all I need amidst the swirling whirl of hip-hop, alternative avant-garde and folk that dominates some of the critical musical landscape in these modern times of ours. At times, it feels like corporate indie, sure. Sellable to a bunch of TV shows as a backing track to some 'emotional' scene between two impossibly pretty people living in California with rich parents. But, when it is done tightly, and with a sense of heritage, as with the California-based (I know, I know) Young The Giant, it slides in so quickly, you hardly have time to realise you've had it in your head for days on end.

Their new single, 'Apartment', is ruled by strangely affected vocals that, at moments, sound almost digitised. However, it appears that this unique inflection is simply down to the captivating voice of lead singer Sameer Gadhia. He possesses a peculiar accent as he barrels into choruses and slides over everything with a tone not dissimilar to Kelcey Ayer, showcasing the same addictively reassuring quality that catapulted Local Natives into widespread admiration.

Rhythmically, it follows the recent turn for tightly constructed indie rock with pop sensibilities, tribal thumps, harmonic riffs and vocal runs that all add up to get stuck in your head. This is the sort of music that has you setting your player to repeat, such is its force of rhythm, lovingly layered instrumentation and shaking yet silky melody. The slow build from a simple riff takes on a twisting, riveting form of it's own before a similar finale, descending into quietude with a slow and steady calm. Young The Giant may appear as the quintessential Californian indie rockers; young, attractive and constructed so as to imbue guilty feelings along the Maroon 5 field of attraction. But, if you simply let it, it's easy to become an addict to the rhythm, soaking it up with the knowledge that sometimes straight up indie rock is inescapably infectious.