Dealing with major labels is about as complicated as you might expect. Contract negotiations, advances, and all that gubbins has always been notorious for being a twisty road. Buzzfeed's Naomi Zeichner has done a little investigating into how major labels actually work in relation to rising star Young Thug who may very well have out his career on hold thanks to some major label disputes.

It's never been overly clear who Young Thug was actually working with since he broke through last year. He's claimed to have ties to Birdman's Cash Money and Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad among others, but Zeichner found out that he did actually have a deal in place with 1017 Brick Squad; a production deal signed in March 2013 which would give them exclusive rights to his name, masters, artwork etc. But this is where things start to get complicated! After Gucci Mane was sent back to prison in September of last year, Thug signed with Atlantic Records imprint Artist Partners Group on a contract worth $30,000 with a $15,000 advance. Of course, they were completely unaware that Thug was still tied into a contract with 1017 Brick Squad.

Thug has since become unhappy with the work of APG and has cut off all communication with them. As Thug started to rise, APG became less willing to spend money on him, refusing to give him expenses to tour with Danny Brown and making no progress with recorded music. Birdman came on as his new manager in February, and they have since tried to release music without the permission of APG, but Thug is ultimately trapped in a sort of limbo allowing him to do not very much at all.

It's worth checking out the extensive piece over at Buzzfeed. [via FACT]

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