Eight diverse young Wake Forest University students are using Solange's recent album A Seat at the Table to construct a learning environment for other women of colour. And now they're calling for submissions from young women looking to take part. Lauren Barber, Mankaprr Conteh, Alex Dean, Erica Jordan, Ann Nguyen, Melissa V. Harris-Perry, Sherri Williams, and Candice Benbow, who had previously created a syllabus around Beyoncé's Lemonade, are on a similar path for the work of the youngest Knowles daughter.

"At the beginning this new year, and as we witness the inauguration of a new president we invite young women of colour, ages 16-30, to have a seat at the table by helping us collect the texts, music, and visual art that speak to our experiences," their call for submissions reads for A Seat at the Table Syllabus: The Truths of Young Women of Color. "If we are to have a democracy in which all of us have a seat at the table, we know that these experiences should be central to the development of America's practices and policies."

Pitch texts, music, and art that openly deals with resisting racism, understanding gender and sexuality, the role of relationships and self-care by January 31. Submit here.