To celebrate the release of their debut album, the appropriately titled Birth, we asked Rachel and Ian from Young Wonder to interview each other. Check out their conversation below, and be sure to order the album by heading here.

Rachel interviews Ian:

First concert you've ever attended and when?
The first show I can ever remember was in Cork when my Mum and Dad took me to see Oasis play in Paric Ui Chaoimh in 1996. I can't remember much from the gig but I remember Oasis was my jam back then!

What song do you have stuck in your head at the moment?
The new song 'Loud Places' by Jamie xx has been stuck in my head for a while. I'm really excited to hear what his new record is going to be like.

Favourite album of 2014?
My favourite album of 2014 was Caribou's Our Love, musically I think his writing skills are amazing and he really seems to be able to mix indie/dance and pop in a special way. I like the way the album doesn't just fall into the dance music bracket either or get repetitive, it develops and keeps you guessing. This was really inspiring for me!

Pick a song that represents you as a person.
I think maybe a song like Jai Paul - 'Str8 Outta Mubai'. I'm a sucker for anything ethnic used in a hip-hop style and this is the perfect example of when it's done right. When I'm making music I always try to find that something special that you can keep on loop for ages and never get sick of, this song really does that for me!

Ian interviews Rachel:

Is there any place in particular you like to go write lyrics and why? Outside in a park / in your room etc...
My favourite place to write lyrics is in my bedroom. I like it to be quiet and tidy, it's my own personal sanctuary where inspiration flows most easily for me.

Has any film, tv show or book inspired you to write a song? If so which one?
A lot of different films, documentaries and books inspire me to write. The Noonday Demon inspired 'Enchanted'. It's written by Andrew Solomon and chronicles his life long struggle with depression.

Are there any songwriters or poets you look up to or get inspired by over the years?
This is really geeky but I used to enjoy a lot of the poems on my leaving very course. They inspired me to write descriptively.

Would you rather be able to fly at 5 miles an hour or run at 100 miles an hour?
Run at 100kmph - I think I would hate the feeling of flying, it makes me feel sick!