Hailing from Cork, Ireland, electro-pop duo Young Wonder are back with their Show Your Teeth EP. Show Your Teeth features five tracks and a brief intro, and is anchored by last year's amazing 'To You', smack in the middle. Show Your Teeth opens quietly with airy echoing vocals that bleed over into the first proper track, 'Time'. 'Time' (feat. Sacred Animals) sets the stage for the EP, with insistent beats punctuated with sounds of ticking clocks and dreamy synths. 'To You' follows next with its excellent poppy blend of Eastern influences and electronica. 'Electrified' is a great club track, finding Young Wonder throwing us a banger. 'Seventeen' builds off a murky beat, morphing into a cool sound collage, letting the vocals soar. The EP winds down with 'Bullet'; all glitchy beats and dance music.

Young Wonder's Show Your Teeth EP is a breathless showcase of the talents of beatmaker, Ian Ring and vocalist, Rachel Koeman. Ring crafts movable and interesting tracks that never rest, but move and swell. Rachel Koeman gives these songs their presence through her incredible Bjork/Joanna Newsom flavored vocals. Her control and range are astounding.

Show Your Teeth is available today via Feel Good Lost Records.