Youngblood Hawke is four years removed from its 2013 debut record -- the criminally underrated Wake Up -- but the band is beginning to emerge once again to create some truly dizzying works of pop magic. The group's new single, 'Robbers,' is one such slice of gold.

Through a deft blend of electronic strangeness and indie pop chops, 'Robbers' is an addicting and anthemic pop track, the kind you can't help but listen to over and over again. On top of that, the band actually tackles some pretty important lyrical subjects as well.

"'Robbers' addresses the dizzying experience of our modern world," says the band. "The single is a flashing collage of technology, violence, planetary exploitation and the comforts of hometown roads changing before your eyes."

Check out the stunning 'Robbers' below and keep your eyes open for more from Youngblood Hawke in the coming months. If the band's history is any indication, those new songs will be worth your time.