It was 2015 the last time Younghusband put out an album, but the wait for new material from the band has come to an end, as this week they have shared a new track called 'Translation' and revealed that they have a new album called Swimmers coming out on June 7th. Talking about the new single, Euan Hinshelwood says:

"It's open to interpretation, but looking back on that period of time I guess it's a song about change and retreat. And about a short moment of that time. A stubborn moment when you want to push everything away for a second and work out what element is tripping you up."

Younghusband's new record was recorded in an old barn, and that rural environment can practically be heard in the laid back atmosphere of 'Translation'. Although Euan describes it as something more frustrated and stubborn, the track avoids any real friction, instead translating the tension into a lackadaisical lilt and an infectious chorus of stubborn ignorance "I don't need somebody else/ guaranteed nobody else."

Younghusband's new album Swimmers is out June 7th via Opposite Number.