Speaking with Nerdist, Boise-born artist Youth Lagoon (Trevor Powers) revealed yet another take from his hugely anticipated album Savage Hills Ballroom with the swirling and profound 'Rotten Human'.

Specifically on the track, Powers remarks; "Throughout the process of writing this album--about two years--I've gone on this spiritual journey to learn more about myself and my faults and all this stuff that I've tended ignore for a really long time. It's so much easier to go through each day and forget the previous day or forget the hurtful things you said to someone or whatever it might be, just the shitty parts of your life. This song is addressing that. It's really examining what it is that makes me who I am, and what parts of that are disgusting."

It's a telling and introspective reflection from Powers, who doesn't mince his lyrics on the brand new release. While the musicality of 'Rotten Human' roars, the soft-spoken vocals reveal a history riddled with regret, abuse, and vacancy, culminating with an instrumental rush that ravages the bridged sentiments.

Listen to 'Rotten Human' below and pre-order Savage Hills Ballroom before its September 25th release on Fat Possum via iTunes.