Youth Lagoon, a.k.a. Trevor Powers, took the time to answer some questions about his music and life in the studio recording his debut album. His released material, despite only being three songs, has already gotten quite a lot of attention and his debut album, titled The Year of Hibernation’, is on its way, but the date is still to be announced.

How are you doing?

I'm doing pretty good, a little sick, but good! I just haven't been getting enough sleep these days…

When and why did you start 'Youth Lagoon'?

I started Youth Lagoon about a year ago as just a means for me to get things out of my system. I have a lot of thoughts that always build up in my mind, and music is a perfect means to get all that stuff out.

What's the story behind choosing the name 'Youth Lagoon'?

When I was thinking of what to call it, I couldn't help but think of how powerful someone's teenage years are in their life. Those are the years that are often the best or worst in someone's life. It's when people find who they really are, or at least begin to. I often think in terms of visions or images that flash in my mind, and when I was thinking all this stuff, I saw this picture in my mind of all these kids swimming in this remote lagoon. Some were yelling, others were swinging from a rope swing, others were sitting by themselves by the water, but it was a very accurate picture of what "youth" looks like.

Not everyone manages to juggle studying, working a dayjob and on top of that, recording an album. What's your secret?

Hard work (laughs). But yeah, it just comes down to setting time aside for everything I need to get done.

Do you do the entire recording by yourself? Any special methods you use while recording?

I did most of it myself, but had a lot of help from a couple good buddies of mine. I had my friend Erik Eastman do guitar work on it, and another good bud of mine Trevor Schultz layer some real bass on it to mix with my synth bass. I recorded the album with a producer/engineer friend of mine that is probably the most under-rated engineer in the U.S. His name is Jeremy Park. He has the ability to take whatever vision the artist has and make it come true. Great dude.

Your lyrics seem to be very personal and emotional. What gives you inspiration to write songs?

The most inspiration for songs that I get is just going through things in life. One of the things I've always gone through is extremely bad/weird anxiety so that always tends to be a big inspiration for my music. Often, I'll just sit down at my piano and play whatever it is I'm feeling in my mind. I just try to transfer all of my thoughts to music.

Which artists currently influence you the most, and why?

That is always the hardest question, but it's the most common interview question (laughs.) I listen to a lot of music for pleasure or to analyze it, but it's so hard to know what kind of music has directly influenced my own. As far as helping change the way I view music, I'd give a lot of credit to Cocteau Twins because of how ahead of their time I think they were. Elizabeth Fraser has such a beautiful mind.

The title of the album is 'The Year of Hibernation', has this past year in a sense been a ’hibernation’ for you?

It definitely has. The whole year I was planning for the album and writing the songs, I spent a lot of time hibernating down in my bedroom. But then towards the end of the year, some things in my life really hit rock bottom and to find a way to deal with that has been a struggle. But I just have to keep walking cause there is always a light to walk towards.

You recently posted something about turning Youth Lagoon into an Elton John cover band on Twitter. You followes up with tweeting that you hate cover bands, but wouldn’t it be a good plan B if you for some reason don’t make it?

I remember tweeting that when I saw Elton John come to Boise (laughs). I definitely wouldn't have the talent to cover any Elton John song, so let's just hope Youth Lagoon will be good enough for now.

Here at The 405, we are sure that the Elton John cover band won’t be necessary, and we are really looking forward to hearing his entire debut album. Meanwhile, you can listen to and download for free, his song 'Cannons' here