YouTube and German's royalty collection agency, GEMA have decided to end their petty ways, bringing their seven-year feud to an end. Now, thanks to their ability to finally reach an agreement, thousands of music videos have been unblocked and the 70,000 rights-holders represented by GEMA will receive payment when they're streamed on YouTube.

"We are extremely pleased to have reached an agreement with GEMA to help their members earn revenue and to enable new musical talents to emerge," YouTube's Christophe Muller said. "YouTube has evolved into an important source of promotion and revenue for musicians and we are pleased that GEMA members will benefit from their creative work on YouTube.

The dispute began in 2009 when GEMA and YouTube just couldn't agree on a fee-per-stream for videos, before GEMA sued YouTube for distributing copyrighted material without permission in 2010.