YouTube has really been making an effort to change the landscape of online video, with more live streaming of events and themed weeks pushing certain types of content, securing its place as a market leader in community based video sites. On November 3rd, it plans to take a shot at MTV by hosting their own music awards. October 17th sees the announcement of the nominees but it seems that the actual awards are not really first on the agenda.

The focus here seems to be more on the performances, hoping to be more than just live performances but collaborations or even music videos. This could be why they enlisted the help of director Spike Jonze to serve as creative director of the event. In an interview with Billboard, he claimed, "I want to find out if we can make a whole night just about making things. Instead of just doing performances, can we do live collaborations?" Hosted by actor/musician Jason Schartzman, and with performances from Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, and Eminem so far confirmed , the 90 minute event is set to be streamed live on YouTube and then made available to replay shortly after.

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