I had absolutely no background on YouYourself&I when I pulled up their track 'Ladybugs' to review. When I noticed the song runs nearly nine minutes, I began to dread it without hearing a note. One listen turned into three and now I know I shouldn't have worried.

'Ladybugs' is taken from the larger two part record The Treacle Well, available on their bandcamp. Daniel Gélinas, who essentially is YouYourself&I, strums his acoustic guitar, singing a kind of story. But there’s so much more here than that. 'Ladybugs' lulls the listener into its spell with the warmth of Mr. Gélinas vocals, as lines like "What makes two bodies fit so well together?" or "I'm no fan of folk, unless that folk is you and I" come out of nowhere and hit us right in the gut. His ability to put the familiar in such an intimate conversational way is one of the draws here. I kept wanting to go back to hear what I missed the time before. Instrumentation is sparse with piano chords and occasional drumming rounding out the sounds. What would you expect from a songwriting project recorded, according to the bandcamp bio, in bedrooms, churches, and parking lots? The songwriting quality is tiers beyond any preconceived notion you might get when you read that bio. I cannot wait to dive into the rest of the project.

(Thanks to We Listen For You for the tip).