With the rock sensibilities of a sunnier mid-90s full of sparkling, shimmery charm, 'Middle Sea' is the perfect way to get us all excited about the imminent release of Glow and Behold.

Since we've loved this band ever since hearing their name - how much more excellent and grungy can you get than 'Yuck'? - it seems only fair that we implore you to listen to this most lovely of tracks.

Check the video below, along with the tracklisting for 'Glow and Behold'.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Sunrise in Maple Shade
  • 2. Out of Time
  • 3. Lose My Breath
  • 4. Memorial Fields
  • 5. Middle Sea
  • 6. Rebirth
  • 7. Somewhere
  • 8. Nothing New
  • 9. How Does It Feel
  • 10. Twilight in Maple Shade (Chinese Cymbals)
  • 11. Glow & Behold