The latest offering from prominent young London electronic label Panel comes via the artist known as Yuki Ame. He just put out his new EP Anamnesis last Friday, a five-track effort that glides in style. While the whole release cycles between ambient and glitch pop, 'Blue Room' manages to exemplify both ends of the spectrum at once. The new clip for the track is therefore apt, where skipping footage shows seldom few crossing desolate concrete landscapes.

If you feel a bit like a voyeur after watching 'Blue Room', you aren’t alone. Ame, with help from video director Innes Evans, wanted to use the lens to explore “unsettling themes...relating to how disproportionate power relations may be held by the possessor of 'a camera.'” The images that make up the video are mundane, quotidien even, like the muted clicks and hums of the track; it is what meaning we insert in between the spaces that help us connect with it, and with one another. Hopefully not just behind a camera lens, either.

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