We've been on Portland-based YUNG BAE for a few months now (for instance, check out the super-dream of 'When It Comes To You'), and we love his simultaneous blasts of soulful power and delicate melodic atmospherics, often sampling something – whether it's anime vocals or '70s-sounding love songs – into the mix. This time around he's teamed up with sampling maestro Flamingosis for a heady swoon of soul in 'Fall In Love With Me'.

Whether or not it's based on Taiwanese series of the same name is difficult to say, and after much googling, even the samples remain a mystery. But certainly identifiable are the untouchable loops and repetitive instrumental hits, the heart-caressing daytime soap melody, the robust bass striding through amidst scrappy bursts of the beat, the dynamics of treble and bass reduction, the calm seaside fade-out. It's enough to literally make you fall in love with this collaboration, that's fo sho.