Yorkshire's rising son Dominic Harrison, aka Yungblud, has had a whirlwind year, as the new video for 'California' will attest. Following a lauded release for his debut album 21st Century Liability, the Doncaster favourite went on a spree of wild and carefree live dates, including his first ever headline tour of North America.

The jaunt included a series of raucous performances to baying crowds, and each night seemingly was even more wild than the next - until Harrison broke his ankle. Think that'd slow him down? Think again. Yungblud continued his incendiary performances across continents performing from a wheelchair, and not losing a shred of commitment in doing so.

Yungblud tells us "I just wanted to create a completely honest account of my first headline tour across America. It shows the ups, downs, madness, sadness and energy of the most insane tour of my life. The unity between me and my fan base is really special to me and I wanted to capture that time in our journey together - even it it was just for myself, it’s a total bonus that I get to release it to the world! I’m about to drop a live album but I wanted to portray the visual experience of what the show is like - I want you to feel like you’re there."

He's just given us a hint of what's next, by mentioning the exciting and surprising news that he'll be releasing a live album in the very near future. After watching the frenetic video for 'California' below, you'll be even more primed to hear it.

Yungblud is by no means going to take it easy in 2019; not only does there appear to be a live album on the way, but he has more tour dates to come starting in early January, and even more exciting new music to come in the near future. Keep up to date with his live performances and all the other surprises he has in store on his website.