Experimental electronic pop artist Yves Tumor has been fairly quiet since signing to Warp - until this week, when he has released the crunching and booming single 'Noid'.

Built on cutting edge production, where sampled strings glaze skittering drums, setting an idyllic scene in 'Noid' - but then Yves comes in and flips the script entirely: "sister, mother, brother, father, have you looked outside? I'm scared for my life." 'Noid' then continues on down this hole of pure paranoia, the sun-drenched strings getting substituted for deep and creeping synth bass, like black clouds suddenly filling the sky. Even when the sun does start to shine again, Yves is too stuck inside his head, repeating "9-1-1/ I can't trust 'em," and then 'Noid' takes a spin through his terrible thoughts with echoing wails and screams underscoring the hard-hitting beats. Check out 'Noid' below.

More news about music from Yves Tumor is hopefully not far away. Follow him on Facebook.