Zach Braff has finally unveiled the tracklisting for his forthcoming film, Wish I Was Here, which opens in the States on July 18th. Obviously The Shins feature on it (does Braff own shares in the band?), but for your money you'll also receive a new track from Bon Iver ('Heavenly Father'), Cat Power's collaboration with Coldplay ('Wish I Was Here'), 'The Obvious Child' by Paul Simon and plenty more.

The album is set for a release on CD July 15, with the vinyl version out on August 5th via Columbia. Interestingly enough, the soundtrack to 2004's Garden State is also set for a release this August (on the same day in fact). To mark its 10th anniversary, the soundtrack will be pressed to vinyl for the first time thanks to Legacy Recordings. Indie hearts are sure to break.

  • 1. The Shins - 'So Now What'
  • 2. Gary Jules - 'Broke Window'
  • 3. Radical Face - 'The Mute'
  • 4. Hozier - 'Cherry Wine (Live)'
  • 5. Bon Iver - 'Holocene'
  • 6. Badly Drawn Boy - 'The Shining'
  • 7. Jump Little Children - 'Mexico'
  • 8. Cat Power & Coldplay - 'Wish I Was Here'
  • 9. Allie Moss - 'Wait It Out'
  • 10. Paul Simon - 'The Obvious Child'
  • 11. Japanese Wallpaper - 'Breathe In [ft. Wafia]'
  • 12. Bon Iver - 'Heavenly Father'
  • 13. Aaron Embry - 'Raven's Song'
  • 14. The Weepies - 'Mend'
  • 15. The Head & the Heart - 'No One to Let You Down'