'-gasm': the suffix often used to liken something not physically very sexual, to that oh so very sexual occurrence that is an orgasm. "When Elton John sings 'Candle In The Wind', phwoar it don't half give me multiple eargasms", one might confess.

Well, now we've been offered, of all things, a 'Drumgasm'. What on earth is a Drumgasm you ask? Well, according to the Wild Flag Facebook page: "Drumgasm is what happens when Matt Cameron, Janet Weiss & Zach Hill set up together in a room & commence to EXPLODE."

This new all-drummer supergroup, the three of which between them have played in Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag, Hella, and Death Grips, look set to release Drumgasm to the masses via Portland label Jackpot Records.

According to a bio on a pre-order page, the record is "pure spontaneity". Drumgasm would seem to be a fitting name then.