Yesterday evening I heard some cool news on Radio 1. We were in the car going to our local Tesco Metro (big up) when I caught the tail end of something Zane Lowe said he has going to announce at some point that evening; Radio 1 were curating a re-score for the film that stole all our hearts with its violence and quietude, Drive.

Yeah, cool huh? Basically, BBC Radio 1 and Zane Lowe have been organising this thing for ages, and finally they were at a stage where he could announce it. The soundtrack for Drive is already beautiful, graced with sounds from Kavinsky, Electric Youth and College, and scored by Cliff Martinez. This turned me on to more music of a similar ilk, such as man behind College David Grellier's other project, Sexy Sushi (and more College songs, like the emotive 'Can You Kiss Me First?'); 'Right Back To You' by Electric Youth became my favourite song for a while; I was captivated by Desire, especially her beautifully heartbroken track 'Don't Call'. It spawned the birth of Kavinsky's popularity and many a Drive-inspired artist – like, have you ever heard 'Pizza Guy' by Touch Sensitive? Wow-oh-wow-oh--w-o-w.

Anyway, yeah, it's being re-scored. The 1975, Jon Hopkins, Laura Mvula, SBTRKT, BANKS, amongst many others, will contribute to what is officially titled Radio 1 Rescores: Drive - Curated by Zane Lowe – I imagine this will become a semi-regular thing, but what other films could you do? Apocalypse Now (that would actually be cool I think)? Toy Story? Any film with music.

Last night Mr Lowe also premiered the first morsel from the alternative soundtrack, 'Get Away' by CHVRCHES. The Scottish trio already kinda fit the sound that originally contributed to the feel of Drive, and this synth-laden, darkly euphoric number rumbles with the right amount of pulsing distorted bass and phasing sparkles of synth lead, with the catchy "Never let you get away" filling the chorus with endearing pop charm.

The alternative Drive will air 30th October at 10pm on BBC Three. I believe the soundtrack will be available the day after. Keep your ears to Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 as he reveals more of his curated goodies.