Swedish artist Zara Larsson recently appeared on the number 55 bus in Gothenburg. She wasn't just another commuter, however: she appeared as the latest in a series of live, stripped-back performances dubbed The Silent Bus Sessions.

Directed by Torbjörn Martin, the performance saw Larsson accompanied by her band – Hampus Lindvall, Mikael Sahlsten, Simon Santunione and Lovisa Sjöberg Nordahl – in an acoustic rendition of her track 'Carry You Home'.

Aside from much publicised electric cars, these sessions, coordinated by ElectriCity, show another side to sustainable transport in the form of electric buses, the name – Silent Bus Sessions – highlighting the quietness of an otherwise very noisy, very emissions-heavy vehicle.

For more information about the project, head on over to the ElectriCity site.