Back in May, we reported on the Mellow sous-vide appliance that was being Kickstarted with the intention of changing the way that the world cooks and creates divine delicacies at home. Since then, the Mellow has been funded and is pushing forward towards an eventual release early 2015.

Earlier this week, we took some time to sit down and chat with one of the Mellow's co-creators Zé Pinto Ferreira.

The 405: Since setting the Pre-sale live in May, how have you found the reception?

Zé:Tremendous. Over 700 people have pre-ordered a Mellow so far. I know that, in the era of the multi-million Kickstarter campaign, that doesn't sound like much, but we're selling a very sophisticated tool outside the big platforms and didn't spend a dollar on marketing or advertising. The way people connected with what we're doing went way beyond our expectations.

So as a chef at heart, what is your favourite meal to cook with your Mellow?

I use my Mellow for two things: getting a weekday dinner started while I'm away working, and cooking otherwise-impossible food for meals with friends. My favourite weekday meal is dropping in a couple of duck legs on the way out and coming home to the most decadent duck confit. Traditional confit is a full-day project. You get grease all over your kitchen, floor to ceiling. Cooking it with Mellow takes 30 seconds and doesn't dirty more than a pan at the end, when I sear the legs.

I stopped myself from commenting on searing legs there. Have you had any parties come forward showing interest in the product who shocked you?

(laughs). Definitely. Unfortunately, we can't disclose any ongoing conversations regarding those parties yet. It's all very exciting though.

Can you explain how it works and more importantly, how it will change the life of home chefs?

At the most fundamental level, Mellow will help you cook mind-blowing food, every day. Put your "hero" ingredients in a plastic pouch, drop it into Mellow, give in an order through your phone, and come home to perfectly cooked food. It's like a perfect crock-pot.

How much power will the device use? My friends are interested in saving power at home so leaving an appliance on all day could be costly.

You'll spend a couple of cents a day for a massive increase in the quality of your food. We designed Mellow from the ground up to be very energy efficient, so it's the equivalent off leaving a couple of lightbulbs on while you're away.

What is the most interesting challenge you faced when designing Mellow?

We're nowhere near being done with the challenges, but the most engaging part of the process is figuring out where the boundaries are: what will people use and what can we discard, what features can we build at this stage and what should we leave for later; what are the major risks we're taking, how do we want the product to evolve over the years... Knowing when to make decisions and when to look for more information is a very rewarding task for me (when I get it right).

You speak about getting it right. What other products are you interested in that provide this 'technology for good' ideal and are getting it right?

There's a ton of companies out there doing good while doing well, and I'm especially interested in companies building consumer products like us. I'm very interested to see how Soylent evolves in the next decade, and I have to give a shoutout to Gravitylight, Skylock, and Navdy. Four great consumer products that are available for purchase right now, will only get better with time, and have the potential to transform the way millions of people live.

This all sounds very promising; so when are you expecting to ship the product?

We can't advance more than "early 2015" right now. We're on track for our target date, but we really want to keep expectations low until we're 100% sure we'e shipping on a specific window.

Thank you Zé. I can't wait to get my hands on Mellow early next year.