Zebra and Snake consist of the duo Tapio & Matti, childhood friends from a rural village in Finland named Alajärvi; on a first casual listen it may be hard to see how such an anthemic, grand electro-pop sound can emanate from such humble surroundings.

But delve a little deeper and a multitude of fractals can be heard, filtered through the oh-so pure Scandinavian landscape; almost gothic in nature, featuring glorious sincere melodies coupled unnerving whispers. A cliche, perhaps, but something the Scandinavians have crafted a delightful niche out of.

We missed them at Iceland Airwaves sadly, though they were in London town recently at Koko as part of Club NME and included here are the results in photographic form. Though first be sure to treat yourself to a free download here:

Zebra & Snake - Empty Love Song by Freeman PR

Photos by Maria MacMenemy

Photos by Sandra Croft