In a perhaps unexpected pairing, ZelooperZ of Danny Brown's Bruiser Brigade has teamed up with Ghostly International stalwart producer Shigeto; the pair have named themselves ZGTO. Shigeto and ZelooperZ both hail from Detroit, and when they were inevitably introduced by mutual friends, the connection was apparently instantaneous.

Apparently it was so strong that they made an album, A Piece Of The Geto - it's the first time Shigeto has ever worked with a singer. It's coming out on August 4th via Ghostly and Third Man Records.

You can get the first taste of what this teamup has created in 'Off Dat', which they've released ahead of the album. The heady and colourful imagery of the video for 'Off Dat' eerily pairs with the waved-out vibes of ZelooperZ vocals atop Shigeto's narcotic beat - enjoy that below.

A Piece Of The Geto track List:

  • 01. Drownin in The Paint
  • 02. Long Ass Time
  • 03. Whippin
  • 04. Hollow
  • 05. Band Man
  • 06. Remedy
  • 07. Off Dat
  • 08. Atomic Fog
  • 09. Everlast
  • 10. Unconditional Love
  • 11. Unfold