The first signing to Robyn's label, Konichiwa Records, Zhala presents a video for her track 'Aerobic Lambada'. As with the song itself, the visual side to it is packed full with meaning, as the artist herself explains:

"The song describes the itchy feeling you get in your butt when you have to adjust to different social contexts but you can't, that frustration, and also stress, when you hurry in slow motion."

In the video she wears a blue jacket emblazoned with the Swedish flag (you can see a still from the video above featuring this), created by design project This Is Sweden. She spoke about this alongside ideas of Swedish identity, too:

"They like to create fashion that challenges the idea of Swedish society. The project is based on two refugee children growing up in Sweden and trying to reclaim the right to define themselves as Swedes and claim Sweden as their home."

Watch the video here courtesy of Dazed Digital.

Update: Watch below.