Imagine the charm of someone able to ask you how you’re doing and wish you a good day all in the same breath. You have just conjured Zhao, a producer and songwriter from the suburbs of Atlanta. He has been releasing singles methodically, having put out a track called ‘Car’ in the fall and ‘Meltaway’ last spring. ‘Feeling Today’ is his newest, and it is a sultry and inspiring R&B number.

Born Kenny Zhao, the artist makes a point to challenge himself, especially to work against stereotypes and typecasting as a second-generation Asian-American. He vows to live each day to the fullest, and not just to see his own goals pan out—he wants to lift up everyone around him: "I view being an artist as a way of amplifying my own approach to the Asian-American experience, in hopes that it may work for others struggling with the same problems.” His latest single is a leap in that direction, as it has the power to uplift anyone that hears it.

The winding synths compress the track’s potential before making its energy entirely kinetic at the first mention of the namesake lyric. When Zhao poses the track’s central question, all your problems float away. It is rhetorical, but really, there is only one answer to “how ya feeling today?” Better than yesterday, especially with his voice in your headphones.

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