Not all covers are created equal, but today’s video premiere exceeds expectations. Marc Jordan was a songwriter for several household names, such as Diana Ross, Olivia Newton-John, and Rod Stewart. He made some original tunes of his own, and one in particular still rides down the Pacific Coast Highway today. His daughter, Zoe Sky Jordan, now a burgeoning musician herself, wanted to take the driver’s seat and covered her dad’s breezy 'Marina Del Rey'. Watch the Peptalk Presents living room session, featuring Marc on acoustic guitar, below.

The new rendition features elongated effects that sound like whispers from seashells and steel guitars. As Zoe Sky Jordan mentions, the song “is about dreaming and living through a culture shift,” which every new generation can attest to; lyrics that implore you to “get a job” feel particularly apt. “I wanted my version to feel like a continuation of my dad’s,” Jordan says, continuing, “like it had been playing on low for the last 40 years, slowly twisting and warping, and when we finally turned the volume back up this is what it had transformed into.” Marina del Rey and the surrounding area has changed quite a lot in the years since the song was written, but this simple, tropical tune will only conjure good memories.

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