Loath to rest on her laurels following what's arguably been the most acclaimed and successful album of her career, Zola Jesus is returning with a companion album, Okovi: Additions.

As its name suggests, the LP collects unreleased songs, four in total, as well as remixes from the likes of Johnny Jewel and Wolves in the Throne Room. Check it's tracklist below, as well as the dates for her upcoming tour, featuring none other than Alice Glass.

01. Vacant

02. Bound

03. Pilot Light

04. Bitten Wool

05. Ash To Bone (Johnny Jewel Remix)

06. Siphon (Katie Gately Remix)

07. Exhumed (Randall Dunn and Aaron Weaver Remix)

08. Soak (Joanne Pollock Remix)