Zola Jesus has shared a video for the excellent 'Exhumed', which is taken from her forthcoming new LP Okovi.

The black-and-white clip was directed by Jacqueline Castel and is a breathtaking exercise of texture, rhythm, and sound: "'Exhumed' was personally conceived of and created whilst processing death - of family members and of relationships - and much like Okovi's core themes, it is a reflection on loss, heritage, and the often painful personal growth we must harness in the face of life's constant evolution," Castel explains. "Shot intimately in one day, in the exhausting heat within the woods surrounding Nika's Wisconsin home, we sought to capture personal apocalypse, utilizing experimental shooting techniques to further our emotional goals. Practically and metaphorically, we fought to find the light in the darkest of forests."

In addition to the forthcoming album, Zola Jesus has also announced that the previously-released Stridulum and Valusia EPs are being gathered into a single LP, which is due out on September 8th -- the same day of Okovi. Watch the video for 'Exhumed' below; Zola Jesus plays London's Village Underground on November 7th.