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Ipecac’s latest signing Zu hail from a Rome and they make a very impressive racket.

Somehow managing to squeeze in elements of free jazz, death/doom metal and math rock they are a band that seem to be heading in one direction before stopping and zooming off in to completely unexpected places.

Comprised of a drummer, a bassist and a Saxophonist Zu are able to create an incredibly large sound. Album opener Ostia begins with an enormous charge and pounding drums before breaking off into a free jazz freakout. It then lurches off towards being a balls to the wall rock song before all coming back together at the end.

This brings us to track 2 Chthonian which has a huge down tuned doomey bass riff which threatens to bring walls crumbling down. The Sax and drums act as a call to arms. Once again the song breaks down and hurtles off onto another tangent with all instruments being beaten to within an inch of their lives before slowing things down again with an evil creeping dread laden attack.

On Soulympics label boss and all round vocal genius Mike Patton makes a guest appearance. His vocals are at once perfect and misplaced within the context of this song. Having heard so much of their music sans vocals it’s a little jarring to suddenly hear Pattons voice creeping in and out of the track, and I really do mean it when I say creep. Turning from sweet voiced crooning to his deathly whisper he certainly tries to hit all the notes.

The one problem I have with Carboniferous is that although it seems new and refreshing on the first few listens eventually all the songs start to sound the same and the relentless helter skelter path the songs take can become exhausting. I found that I couldn’t listen to the whole album in one sitting because it would start grating on me which isn’t a very good sign for any long term listeners. They do make another interesting addition to the Ipecac family though.

MP3: Zu - Erineys