Sludgy guitars are at work in Zun Zun Egui's new track 'I Want You To Know' – so are screaming, distorted guitars that sound like shattered clouds and electric rain. It runs along with this groove founded by the skeleton of the drums and fleshed out with murky bass, vocals striping across this canyon of crunch with all the soaring intensity of vapour trails at a blood red sunset.

With percussion running rampant later on alongside atonal schizoid guitar solos and a variation in the groove and increasingly frenzied vocals, this is the first track to be shared from their upcoming second album, Shackles' Gift, out 26th January 2015 on Bella Union.

Catch them at The Shacklewell Arms, London, on Tuesday 18th November.

Discovery: Wondering whether you should see them live? Well, check 'em out here in a live show from Vietnam. You be the judge.