It's been a busy year for LA-based rapper/producer Alexander Spit, with three projects under his belt already and now a hot-off-the-press announcement that his A Breathtaking Trip to that Otherside LP will drop in January 2013. It's an impressive feat for any artist to deliver more than one substantial release within a year, even more so if in spite of the limited timeframe each release manages to offer a natural but distinct progression from that which proceeded it - N.B. If you've spent the year letting Lil B spoil you like a rap game Super Sweet Sixteenther, then the above statement may seem unfounded. For argument's sake let's agree that, with fourteen releases in only ten months (including an 855-track mixtape and a debut into the world of "rock"), Lil B occupies a musical realm inaccessible to us mere mortals and can be discounted from such generalisations. #LOVEYOUBASEDGOD.

With regards to the driving force behind this year's onslaught of material, Spit describes kick-starting 2012 with a need to feel creatively overwhelmed: "Last year I released only one project titled 'These Long Strange Nights', It was the result of me going through a lot of personal shit and experiencing the longest writer's block of my life. When starting 2012, I really wanted to do my best to never experience something like that again, so I figured it was best to overwhelm myself creatively with several projects."

Considering that 99.9% of Spit's work is self-produced, a not-so-humble four releases would make even the most impassioned of artists feel overwhelmed. "I take a lot of pride in producing my own music," he says, "any artist that produces their own music understands the work that goes into that and knows the amount of intelligence and craft it takes to accomplish that. Best part about it all is that it enables me to maintain a certain sound/vibe that I'm known for" - a point that has been demonstrated perfectly across the three very different releases he has dropped thus far in 2012: the hip-hop-focused A Breathtaking Trip EP, the R&B production of Bago's Sunday's Best EP, and the standout instrumental mixtape Mansions.

To date, every one of Spit's releases have been offered up for free via his website, not that the missing price tag is in any way a reflection of their value in the grander sense. Over the past few years the quality distinction between free "mixtapes" and bonafied local-indie-record-store releases has lessened to the point of total irrelevance. Besides name-dropping the obvious example of 2011, this year has been punctuated with countless freebies all more than deserving of a spot on the coveted end of year lists alongside their iTunes-available counterparts. Think LE1F's genre-bending Dark Times, Joey Bada$$' outstanding debut 1999, and let's not forget Rick Ross' latest endeavour Rich Forever (how apt). The success of Spit's free material has seen him sign with New York label Decon Records, and his forthcoming LP will be the first product of this relationship: "For me... at the end of the day the most important thing is that my music sounds and is presented exactly how I envision with as little to no outside influence involved. Never in my career have I really went shopping for a deal but this past year I was approached by several labels. One of them being Decon." Spit continues: "It's a label run by folks that understand the importance in artistry and have been able to take my vision to the next level" ...and with features from The Alchemist, Action Bronson, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, and E-40, it's safe to say that his commercial debut will be doing just that.

Stream Alexander Spit ft. The Alchemist "Getaway Car" now:

A Breathtaking Trip to that Otherside will be released via Decon Records on January 29 2013. Full track listing below:

  • 1. Black Magic On Blue Magic

  • 2. Ride (Chicken Wit The Odds)
4. That’s Spit / Space Echoes

  • 5. A Breathtaking Trip feat. BAGO
6. NRML Ave Interlude

  • 7. B.N.E. Remix feat. E-40 & Mr. MFN Exquire
8. Coastal / Hyperion co-prod. by Caleb Stone
9. Lakes

  • 10. Getaway Car feat. Alchemist
11. Vodka Interlude prod. by In Transit

  • 12. Artesia feat. Action Bronson

  • 13. Pulp 2013 / Heroin Chic

  • 14. Cinema Interlude

  • 15. Honeymoon In A Motel Room
16. Sluts Kiss French co-prod. by Bobby Evans

  • 17. Death By 27